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At Born 2 Lead Foundation Inc, we are committed to helping individuals of all ages reach their full potential. We provide a wide range of services from Early Childhood Enrichment to Elderly Care, and have programs that focus on each stage of life. Our goal is to empower and mentor individuals so that they have the skills and resources they need to be successful and make a positive impact in their lives and communities.


Kids Leadership Club

- Children's Development Program:

- Leadership workshops and training sessions

- Team-building activities

- Communication and public speaking skills development

- Problem-solving and decision-making exercises

- Personal development and self-confidence building

- Community service and volunteer opportunities

- Mentoring and guidance from experienced leaders


DOLLAZ 4 College 

College Support Program:

- College application assistance and guidance

- Financial aid and scholarship support

- SAT/ACT preparation workshops

- College essay writing workshops

- College selection and campus visit guidance

- Career exploration and guidance

- Academic support and study skills development


Nip it in the Bud

- Youth Mentoring and Empowerment Program:

- One-on-one mentoring relationships

- Group mentoring activities and discussions

- Workshops on personal growth and resilience

- Life skills development (goal-setting, time management, etc.)

- Leadership development and empowerment training

- Career exploration and skill-building activities

- Educational support and tutoring


Healing in Grace

- Mental Health and Wellbeing Program:

- Individual and group counseling sessions

- Support groups for specific mental health concerns

- Psychoeducation workshops on mental health topics

- Stress management and self-care techniques

- Mindfulness and relaxation exercises

- Referrals to mental health professionals and resources

- Holistic approaches to wellbeing (yoga, meditation, etc.)


 Charlene's House

 - Family Support Program:

- Parenting workshops and educational sessions

- Family counseling and therapy services

- Educational support for children and adolescents  

- Referrals to community resources and services

- Financial literacy and budgeting workshops

- Support groups for parents and caregivers

- Networking and social events for families



- Intergenerational Program and Elderly Support:

- Intergenerational activities and events

- Mentorship programs connecting older adults and younger generations

- Educational workshops and skill-sharing sessions

- Social and recreational programs for older adults

- Assistance with daily living activities for seniors

- Volunteer opportunities for older adults to engage with the community

- Information and referral services for senior resources


Ujamaa - Cooperative Economics Program

- Business development workshops and training

- Entrepreneurship support and guidance

- Financial literacy and business planning workshops

- Access to networking events and business connections

- Cooperative enterprise development and support

- Marketing and branding assistance

- Access to microloans or funding opportunities

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